Who we are

ANDI, the National Association of Italian Dentists, is the most representative association for Italian dentists. Born as a professional union to represent the trade interests, it grew over the years in numbers, scope and activities. Today, ANDI counts over 26.000 members and expanded its original mission to include scientific research, cultural promotion, media coverage and social welfare.


ANDI was established in 1946 as a trade union for dental practitioners. During the past century, ANDI has grown considerably, expanding the number of associates steadily, and reaching out to numerous national and international associations. Today, ANDI presents itself as the main forum for those working in the dental profession, helping the communication, furthering the goals and mediating conflicts between practitioners, national institutions, patients and media.

Vision and Mission

ANDI’s activities are all guided by a shared vision: the absolute importance of the patient’s health and well-being. This single principle has been showing us, during the past decades, how to support and defend the practice of a high-quality, independent practice of dentistry, promoting the exchange with national and international institutions, and striving to make it available to all our patients. During the years, an increasing number of dentists agreed to share these values. The success of ANDI and its pervasiveness on the national territory has been reached thanks to many, likeminded associates, partaking in the association’s activities. ANDI’s mission is to promote, support and advance the dental profession, offering new possibilities and innovative solutions to the practitioners and the patients. Standing for dentistry must not merely mean to defend the prerogatives of a trade group. More broadly, it means to expand dental care literacy among the population at all levels, focusing over the importance of oral health, furthering the agenda of preventive care and healthy habits, answering the quest for wellness posed daily by all our patients. During the past years, ANDI has articulated its structure, expanding its interests to meet the needs of patients and professionals alike.

Executive Board

Dr Carlo Ghirlanda


Dr Luca Barzagli

National Vicepresident

Dr Ferruccio Berto

Vicepresident – Liason for Foreign Affair

Dr Giovanni Cangemi


Dr Gianfranco Prada


Dr Sabrina Santaniello

General Secretary

Dr Pasquale Di Maggio


Dr Corrado Bondi

Social Secretary

Dr Virginio Bobba

Cultural Secretary